Poster Sessions

Posters will be displayed for the whole of the Congress and presenters will be available for two sessions, during lunch breaks, to talk with delegates about their project.

Sachiko Adachi (Japan)
A Sense of Place: As depicted by Hans Christian Andersen Award Winning Illustrators

Austra Avotina/Ilze Stikane (Latvia)
Children’s Book Design: international testimony of identity

Valeria Gallo/Michele Bettinelli (Italy)
Plain Ink - when change reads like a book

Ruth Brown (Canada)
I Adore Hand-Made Cloth Books!

Kirsten Bystrup (Denmark)
Clumsy Hans: a presentation of the IBBY Denmark journal

Fernando Candelero (Argentina)
Travelling without a Passport

Aleksandra Cieslinska (Iceland)
From princess to giantess. On translations of girls’ literature

Alice Curry (UK)
A River of Stories: how to ensure that the river keeps flowing

Carey Fluker Hunt (UK)
Tyne Meets Seine: building bridges across linguistic divides with French and English picturebooks

Annette Gregerson (USA)
Let's Laugh with the Girls. Translating Humour

Asta Gustaitiene (Lithuania)
Plot & Motive Parallels between Andersen's 'The Little Match Girl' & some Lithuanian prose works of the first half of the 20th century

Laretta Henderson (USA)
Black Aesthetics & Gender Expectations in African American Fairy Tales

Mary Hollowell (USA)
The Lost Valley: The Construction of Kinzua Dam and Displacement of Senecas in 1960s New York

Masa Kodric (Slovenia)
Publishing aspects of Slovenian editor Kristina Brenkova: A case of a small nation’s breakthrough into a multicultural European space

Koraljka Jurčec Kos (Croatia)
Croatian Illustration in the World of Erasing Boundaries

Flavia Labbe (Chile)
The Challenge of Promoting Reading in Remote and Isolated Places: reading as a means of crossing boundaries

Laura Giussani (Argentina)
Swallow Project

Mette Laustsen (Greenland)
Bilinguality means more Greenlandic books

Ruth Lowery (USA)
A Dream for Global Peace: igniting the flame for social justice with the
Jane Addams Children's Book Award Winners

Simona Mahovic (Slovenia)
Modern concepts of child and childhood in the 20th century/Contemporary youth poetry

Yara Maria Miguel (Brazil)
School as mediator when constituting the family of readers

Gumiko Monobe (Japan)
How Bilingual Children compared and contrasted English and Japanese versions of Anthony Browne's ‘Voices In the Park’

Vita Mozuraite (Lithuania)
Translations of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm in Lithuania

Enrique Paez (Spain)
Stories to Change the World

Petros Panaou/Panayiotis Angelides (Cyprus)
The EUMOF Project (European Mobility Folktales)

Wania Maria Previattelli/Marisa Garcia/Yara Maria Miguel (Brazil)
The reading of theatrical and building fluency reader

Ana Margarida Ramos (Portugal)
Escape, migration and exile: representations of traumatic journeys in Portuguese children’s literature

Cleide Cristina Soares (Brazil)
Ark of Letters: rural libraries in Brazil

Luis Téllez Tejeda (Mexico)
Children's books in indigenous languages, a pendant for Mexico

Mihoko Tanaka (Japan)
Are they fairies? Cross-cultural Studies through the Representation of "fairies" in British and Japanese Culture

Angela Thamm (Germany)
I have a little problem, said the bear. Literature Therapy reading promotion with the BilderBuchApotheke (PictureBookPharmacy)

Nancy Tolson (USA)
The Original Web Master: Ananse Spreads His Web Throughout

Ivanka Ucakari (Slovenia)
Searching for identity: Little Luka and his Starling and Lovely Vida

Kazumi Uno (Japan)
Read together with Latin American migration

Constance Vidor (USA)
Translating Culture with Images and Narration using Web 2.0: A Single Shard on Voicethread

Myry Voipio (Finland)
Girl Characters in Finnish Literature for Girls from 19th century till Today: crossing boundaries through time

Timotea Vráblová (Slovakia)
Stimulating a Child Reader to Cross Boundaries of his own Culture

Doris Walker-Dalhouse (USA)
Reader Response and instructional implications: using children’s books about immigrants and refugees with struggling readers

Bonnie Withers (USA)
Challenges in Translating Korean Children’s Books into Five Languages

Deborah & Katie Wooten (USA)
Bridging Boundaries using Outstanding International Books with K-12 Students

Vivian Yenika-Agbaw (USA)
African Adolescents as Immigrants and/or Refugees in Young